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Ventura Unified Community Day High School

4050 Market St.
Ventura, CA 93003
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Opened on January 30, 2007
History of School's Ranking
Blue line is rank against all schools in California; Green line is rank against similar schools only; B = LEA or ASAM School; C = Special Education School
Education Levels 9th - 12th
Ethnic Breakdown of Students
53% socioeconomically disadvantaged
Breakdown of Parent's Highest Education Level

CST / CAPA Scores Average of 9th - 11th graders scoring at or above the proficiency level

Average of 9th grade English CST scoresAverage of 9th grade General Math CST scores

Students Info from 2007

School District
Percent of students in gifted and talented education programs 0% 16%
Percent of students with disabilities 0% 11%