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Capistrano Home Outreach Option for Student Educat

33122 Valle Rd.
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
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Opened on March 5, 2002
2007 Average Class Size K-3rd 20
2007 Average Class Size 4th-6th 14
History of School's Ranking
Blue line is rank against all schools in California; Green line is rank against similar schools only; B = LEA or ASAM School; C = Special Education School
School's 2007 Base API Score is 787
Education Levels K - 8th
Students in 2006 63  (49% male)
Ethnic Breakdown of Students
2% were English learners in 2007
8% socioeconomically disadvantaged
Breakdown of Parent's Highest Education Level

CST / CAPA Scores Average of 2nd - 8th graders scoring at or above the proficiency level

Average of 2nd-8th grade English CST scoresAverage of 2nd-7th grade Math CST scoresAverage of 8th grade General Math CST scoresAverage of 8th grade Science CST scoresAverage of 8th grade Social Science CST scores

National Ranking  (CAT/6) The national average is 50%

Average of 7th grade Reading CAT/6 scoresAverage of 7th grade Language CAT/6 scoresAverage of 7th grade Spelling CAT/6 scoresAverage of 7th grade Math CAT/6 scores

Students Info from 2007

School District
Percent of students in gifted and talented education programs 9% 13%
Percent of students with disabilities 1% 8%